Librarian today, big data expert tomorrow…

Word Cloud "Big Data"

When I decided to pursue my MLIS degree I received a great deal of skepticism, not for my ability to do the work of a librarian but at the future of the profession.  The thought among many was that library’s are dying so what is the point?  Although I don’t believe that libraries are dying and do serve an increasingly important role in society, I was pursuing my MLIS for the information management component.

The article written by Jeffrey Stanton does a wonderful job of describing how librarians are going to be critical now and into the future in the realm of data management and organization.  The skills that have always been useful for librarians organizers of information is now being translated into organization of electronic information.  This is an exciting new area for Librarian and Information Science specialists and an area that will hopefully bring some renewed interest to the profession and increased validation for the work the librarians have been doing for centuries.


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